excuses for parking violations

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58 Fortin Rd

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We Believe In A Kinder Form Of Parking Enforcement...We Use The BARNACLE To Assure You Have The Space You Paid For
Please Follow Our Parking Rules As NO Excuses For Parking Violations Will Be Accepted

And Last But Not Least...All Parking Is At Your Own Risk

WOW! It seems everyone has an excuse when their vehicle has a Barnacle applied to it. We have heard hundreds of excuses from parking violators through the years. A short list is presented below, and we seem to always be adding to it!

Please understand we take no pleasure in applying a Barnacle to any vehicle. We are simply reacting to the decision the parking violator has made to park in violation of our rules. There is no grey area when a Barnacle is applied. The offending vehicle has either parked in accordance with our rules or has not. If not, then a Barnacle is applied immediately. We do this to assure that all users of our lot are treated fairly as complying parkers.

Sometimes a parking violator will try to contact us to explain why they are in violation and that some special consideration be applied to them to remove the Barnacle at no cost to them. They fully realize they have not complied with our rules but somehow feel they are above them.

We want all of our customers to know that we do not release a Barnacle for anyone with an excuse as to why they violated the parking rules. The parking violator knows they are wrong and as such should be held accountable for their decision to park in violation of the rules. They need to step back for a second and acknowledge to themselves that they are wrong and accept the consequences, be held responsible for their actions and use it as a learning experience. Last but not least...Parents, there is no need to try to contact us. It is time for all the young adults on campus to take responsibility for their actions, they are fully aware they have parked in violation.

Believe it or not there are some advantages to having a Barnacle placed on a parking violator’s vehicle.

  1. Upon returning to the lot the parking violator’s vehicle is still present…it has not been towed away.
  2. Since the vehicle has not been towed no damage can occur from the towing process.
  3. It will not take the parking violator hours to find and retrieve the vehicle after it has  been towed.
  4. The cost of removing the Barnacle is far less than the cost of towing and storage fees.
  5. A parking violator can be on their way in less than 10 minutes by following the directions on the device for proper return. Thus not missing work, meetings, a hot date or other important events.

And finally, here are some of the excuses we have heard from our parking violators!!!

  1. I didn’t realize that I had pay to park here.
  2. I didn’t realize payment was due before leaving the lot to go to class.
  3. My friends that live in the condos said I could park here.
  4. I saw open spaces in the condo resident lot and figured it would be okay to park there.
  5. I’m only going to be here for a few minutes so why do I need to pay.
  6. I pay all the time. I just forgot today.
  7. I was going to pay when I got out of class. Or, I was going to pay on the way to class but got distracted for whatever reason.
  8. My Wi-Fi connection wasn’t working so I couldn’t access the app.
  9. I didn’t know my license plate.
  10. I have a different car today so I used the wrong plate when I made my payment.
  11. I pay enough to go to school here so why do I have to pay to park.
  12. I saw on open reserved spot and I figured it was okay to park there.
  13. I’m on the hockey team…I know how much you like hockey so I thought players could park free.
  14. I had to rush to an exam so I forgot to pay.
  15. I’m friends with one of your kids so I figured I wouldn’t have to pay.
  16. You coached me while growing up so I thought I didn’t need to pay.
  17. I paid my URI commuter parking fees so I thought I wouldn’t have to pay here.
  18. I didn’t have enough money on my debit/credit card to make the payment.
  19. My mom/dad didn’t give me my allowance yet this month so I had no money to pay.
  20. Hey man, you know my car and that I always pay…I just forgot today.
  21. I only had $10 left on my card and I wanted to spend it on beer tonight so I figured it was worth the risk to not pay.
  22. I lived in your condos last year, so I figured I paid you enough rent that you’d let me skate.
  23. I was out late last night…I am hung over and not thinking clearly today. Paying must have slipped my mind.
  24. I had a super huge project that was/is due and couldn’t focus on anything else.
  25. It was late in the day so I didn’t think payment was due.
  26. I got in a huge fight with my significant other, we ended up breaking up and I didn’t feel like paying.
  27. Along the same lines…my significant other wouldn’t engage in relations with me and it has caused me to not be aware of my surroundings.
  28. You have already put a Barnacle on me for violating the rules. I didn't think you would put another one on for a second/third/tenth violation.
  29. I'm just a college kid, I'm broke. I don't have that kind of money to remove this stupid device.
  30. My parents are going to be pissed, this is not the first time I have violated parking rules on campus.
  31. I wasn't feeing well so I went to take a nap on the couch of a friend that lives in the condos.
  32. I have a new license plate and new car, but I didn't update the info on the app yet.

Our excuse list that just continues to grow!!

As you can see we do not accept excuses for parking violations. It is a waste of a parking violators time and energy to contact us with an excuse. We think the violators should just pay to remove the Barnacle and chalk it up to a lesson learned!!