Park All Day

For $5

We Believe In A Kinder Form Of Parking Enforcement...We Use The BARNACLE To Assure You Have The Space You Paid For

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Paying For Daily Parking Is Easy!

We use the app from Passport Parking. They have been in business for many years and provide service across the country and world. Simply download the app below and follow the directions provided. The app is available for iPhone and Android devices.

Before You Begin You'll Need To Have The Following:

1. Your cars' license plate. Don't worry you won't need to remember it every time you can give it a friendly name like: "My Car" or "Mom's Car".

2. Your credit/debit card...sorry you actually need to pay! No need to worry about remembering this can give it a friendly name like: "My Debit Card" or "Dad's Credit Card" or "Grandma's Credit Card". If you're smart you'll ask them all for a great birthday gift...Parking! You can have multiple cards on your account if you'd like, but only need one to get started.

3  Zone # 906. This is the area that you are parking in. The Zone # for Park By The Quad is # 906.