Park All Day

For $6

PAYING FOR YOUR premier reserved SPACE

Semester Rate: $600         

Academic Year Rate: $1075 if paid in full before September 30

All checks or money orders should be made payable to Park By The Quad. Please be sure to include your license plate on the memo portion of the check! There are three simple ways to pay:

  1. Pay in person with cash. We will be at the entrance of the parking lot at the start of the semester. Specifically, the first three days of classes from 8:30am to 12:30 pm each day. 
  2. Pay with check or money order. Simply write a check or money order in the appropriate amount (remember to include your license plate on the memo portion of the check). Please send us an email on the Contact Info page so we can give you the address to send the payment to.
  3. We take credit cards for our Premier Reserved Spaces. You are more than welcome to pay us with PayPal. Simply send us an email telling us if you want a semester or yearly space and be sure to include your license plate and we will then send you a link to PayPal so you can make your payment! Go to the Contact Info page to send us an email.

RESERVING YOUR premier reserved SPACE


BENEFITS OF YOUR premier reserved SPACE

We only post reserved signs for people that have paid in full. Simply sending an email to us will not hold a spot for you!

YOUR premier 


We Believe In A Kinder Form Of Parking Enforcement...We Use The BARNACLE To Assure You Have The Space You Paid For
Please Follow Our Parking Rules As NO Excuses For Parking Violations Will Be Accepted

And Last But Not Least...All Parking Is At Your Own Risk

  1. You will never need to "hunt" around campus looking for an available space, saving countless hours of frustration and wasted time and the chance of missing a class.
  2. You will not need to make the daily payment via our app.
  3. You will always have immediate access to your own Premier Reserved Space, 24 hours per day, 7 days per week for the entire semester or school year.
  4. You can come and go throughout the day without worrying about finding a parking space.
  5. Mom and Dad will be excited to hear there will be no reason to miss classes due to parking issues.
  6. No need to pay the $200 to URI to register your car for the commuter lots.
  7. Your Premier Reserved Space is easily transferred to someone else. If you no longer use or need the space you can sell or give it to someone else. We will happily print a new sign for the new user. There are NO REFUNDS for Premier Reserved Spaces.


Reserving your Premier Reserved Space is easy. Just email us your vehicles’ make, model and license plate. A few days before classes begin we will print and post a CUSTOMIZED SIGN JUST FOR YOU!!! On your first day of class simply pull into the lot (entrance is located at 58 Fortin Road...behind the condos) and look for your posted sign! It’s that simple! Isn’t it AWESOME!

And some quick directions on your first day...please center your vehicle exactly on the post and then pull all the way up to the can even nudge it gently. We do this so the person next to you has room to park and so the back of your vehicle is not sticking out into the travel lane behind you!!